Food for Thought

Reviewing The Bloomsbury Handbook of Indian Cooking, Eating the Present, Tasting the Future, and Gastronama for India Today, Leisure

Food for Delicious Thought

Going beyond the usual recipe cookbooks. 
SEEMA August 2021

Talking Body

Reviewing Bill Bryson's newest book, The Body, for Outlook Traveller 

Journeying the Silk Route

Reviewing Beyond the Himalayas by Goutam Ghose and Michael Haggiag for Outlook Traveller

Indian Sweets Get a Makeover 

On Indian sweets getting a makeover. Adventures with Mithai, a review for Outlook Traveller

Run, Milind, Run

Review of supermodel, health and fitness advocator, and marathoner Milind Soman, Made in India, for Outlook Traveller

Upon a Sleepless Isle

Exploring Sri Lanka, the one sportswriter Andrew Fidel Fernando remembers from his childhood. Review for Outlook Traveller

Classical Music of India

A practical guide by the master violinist himself, Dr. Subramanium. Review for Outlook Traveller

Glorious Hotels of India

The big, beautiful book on Indian hotels. Review for Outlook Traveller


A heritage weave, brought back from the brink of extinction. Review on Baluchari for Outlook Traveller

Around the World in 80 Trains

Reviewing Monisha Rajesh's second book, criss crossing around the world on trains, for Outlook Traveller

A Gourmet's Journey

Reviewing art and textile historian Jasleen Dhamija's newest book on her life and experiences for Outlook Traveller

Zanskar to Zero

Reviewing Sohini Sen's book on a Himalayan journey for Outlook Traveller

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